Project management, operational and organisational culture, leadership best practices

Every organisation has to deal with key tasks that cannot be solved within the corporation’s own structures, with the regular management methods. In order to achieve the aims, to control the activities and to track the results special management methods and techniques may be necessary, that may not be known and used by the given organisation.

We recommend our project and program management services to:

  • all of our existing and future business partners facing significant, not routine-like, complex task;
  • leaders willing to feel greater security in reaching their actual project aims, to meet the deadlines and to stay beneath the given cost limits;
  • organisations, which are not characterised by project-like operation, but in order to achieve their goals they run or plan to launch projects;
  • all cases, when more than one projects have to be managed parallel and the continuous harmony between the projects needs to be fulfilled,
  • it is important to have the tasks realised by the given deadline, budget and result with the proper quality and the lowest risk possible.

How can Vialto Consulting help?

Our consultants have been working at projects for numerous for-profit and non-profit institutions and have gained practice in project management in the recent years. We create value for our Clients not only by applying the modern project management methodologies, but also by using these experiences.
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Recommended services

Implementation of project management organisation, processes and culture

Our aim by introducing project management organisation and processes together with our business partners is to develop new operational and corporate cultures. The most important elements of this are:
  • Development of program and project management organisation structure tailored to the given organisation;
  • Establishment of operational frameworks of a project office;
  • Development of project management methods, project handling rules and project standards customised to the actual organisation;
  • Preparation and execution of trainings on the accepted methodology at different levels of the organisation, based on the roles expected in the project;
  • On-the-job support of specific project launches, tracking the realisation;
  • Post-implementation audit of the realised projects, revision of the success of the implementation.

Leading projects, project and program management support

  • Identification of corporate/organisational programs and projects, definition of project aims, project plans, risks, key success factors, project organisation and the proper way of operation;
  • Detailed project planning: scheming tasks, deadlines, costs, resources and preparation of schedules;
  • Our experienced consultants are ready to manage projects or to support the project management in the following activities at a given running project:
    • Tracking project activities;
    • Development and realisation of project controlling;
    • Development and operation the reporting and administrative systems of the project;
    • Continuous monitoring and management of risks;
    • Elaboration and realisation of the project’s communication and motivation plan.

Independent quality assurance of projects

As independent experts not related neither to the vendor nor to the project management we take ourselves upon the audit and quality assurance of huge and complex projects, both from a professional and project management point of view.

The aim of the quality assurance is the investigation of project-like operation of projects, the disclosure of problems and risks threatening the achievement of project aims, and making recommendations concerning risks management.

Training, passing project management know-how

Just like all other skills, project management knowledge is also a feature that doesn’t come with us from birth, but is a skill to be learnt and developed. Our project-management trainings, where we are to pass the really best of our knowledge and experiences may support all leaders and employees of our business partners in this learning process.

Certainly, the most efficient learning happens through the purchase of practical experiences, thus we offer our clients an intensive support to let them practice their freshly gained theoretical knowledge at a real project.

Kiemelt projektjeink

Folyamattervezés és informatikai bevezetés a Telenornál

Szolgáltatásfejlesztéshez kapcsolódó, ügyfélélmény alapú folyamattervezés és informatikai rendszerbevezetés

CIB Bank székhelyváltás

Dokumentáció-kezelés, rendszerekben történő fejlesztések, kommunikáció és jogi feladatok ellátása

CIB Bank szervezeti hatékonyság

Új divízió létrehozása a banki folyamatok, a szervezeti kapacitáskihasználtság, valamint a projekt portfólió menedzselésére

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