Based on our experiences we are able to ensure the success of an IT development both from the IT and from the business side. We are particularly experienced in solutions based on workflow management, furthermore in charging and account controlling, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
1. Preparation of IT strategies, concepts and roadmaps
IT strategy is one of the most important tools for a successful IT management. As IT has become the key division of a company operation, it is impossible to realise strategic business goals without an IT system shaped perfectly to the operation. Thus it seems necessary to elaborate an adequate IT strategy harmonising the business strategy as modern IT solutions react on the business strategy as well as long-term business goals on IT. We are ready to prepare complex IT strategies, related IT strategy materials (concepts, roadmaps), to update the existing strategies and to communicate them to the whole staff of the company.
2. Design and implementation of IT development and maintenance processes
A capstone of a cost effective and manageable IT organisation is to design, operate and control IT development and IT maintenance related processes professionally. As the sharp market competition requests the introduction of new services and products all the time, the IT structure of a modern company should change parallel continuously, which is impossible without the development of the IT support systems. The huge number of IT developments executed require the continuous formation, fine tuning, management and measurement of demand handling, priorisation, design, implementation, testing, installation, troubleshooting processes of the IT organisations. Our experienced consultants obtaining ITIL qualifications are ready to assist our Clients in designing (redesigning if needed), deploying and scanning their IT processes.
3. Selection of IT systems and vendors
The most risky part of the IT investments is probably the selection of the adequate IT solution and vendor (system integrator). In general, many important decisions have to be made before decision leaders could be fully aware of all the information needed. These professional and financial risks can be reduced only by a selection process designed carefully using the adequate methods. Our experienced consultants are ready to provide effective assistance in preparing, executing or supporting the execution of a selection project.
4. Management of IT system implementation projects
The success of a complex IT investment is determined by the design and control of the implementation. A successful implementation depends mainly on the efficiency of the management of the IT investment according to the predefined time, cost and quality parameters. Using modern project management methods (rolling project planning, risk management, change management, etc.) damages related to unexpected events can be significantly reduced (even if they cannot be eliminated completely neither by careful planning).
5. Surveying attitudes and preparation of requirement specifications related to IT systems
The success of the IT projects depends on the complete, precise and clear definition of the needs and requirements of the solution, based and established mutual agreement of the IT solution provider and the contracting party. Actually, it is a series of iterative steps which make requirements of IT developments more and more precise and accurate. Thus several decision points can be set there during the different periods of this process so that a reasonable decision can be made about the next steps based on the information obtained. Our consultants – with several experiences surveying demands and elaborating requirement specifications – are ready to support the realisation of IT projects of average and high complexity.
6. Implementation of specific IT systems
Vialto Consulting is a group of consultants with solid professional, IT and project management related competences. Thus we obtain the experiences necessary to manage a software development process. We are ready to develop and implement IT systems in cooperation with our partners.
7.  Test management
Several risk factors can be identified during the deployment of complex IT systems, e.g. the system operation differs from functional specifications, performance problems occur or data security is wounded. These risks can be effectively reduced by the elaboration of the testing strategy and by running a testing process (functional, modular, integrative, regression, performance). However, testing is still a step of a successful system deployment. It is particularly critical in case of replacing the running IT systems or even during the implementation of a completely one to scheme and test data migration processes, especially in case of systems managing huge number of transactions where the rate of charging should be raised step by step. Our consultants executed numerous deployment testing projects concerning client administration, CRM, charging and account controlling systems successfully, that we offer to our Clients also as independent services.
8. Implementation of IT systems, design and realisation of rollout
Deploying a new, complex system requires the punctual and very detailed planning and execution of the steps to be made during the implementation. The extent of these actions depends on the complexity, the level of integration of the system, on the volume and quality of data to be migrated. We are ready to assist the detailed design of the implementation process, including the professional supervision, management and coordination of the process.
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