Enhanced receivables management processes at Borusan in Turkey using Celonis applications

Process mining

Project summary


Borusan CAT


Distribution of earth-moving machinery and construction equipment

Role of Vialto

Implementation support and process analysis

Project description

Vialto enlisted the support of Borusan’s Process Mining team, incorporating the implementation of new processes, including receivables management. Throughout the project, the objective was to establish the neccessary Celonis applications to attain the desired results.

Project solution


Analyzing the payment habits of customers posed a significant challenge, especially considering local specificities and SAP’s unique developments.


During the implementation phase, we created custom applications. These applications allowed us to analyse the timeliness of customer payments, outstanding debts and different payment terms. We also increased the efficiency of the contact persons. Further automations were implemented to improve the transparency and reporting capabilities of the whole process.


Throughout the project, we were able to proactively monitor receivables and the work of contact persons, which significantly improved the efficiency of customer relations. We created data-driven, real-time customer analytics, which not only allowed us to measure the performance of deadlines and payments, but also to accurately quantify losses due to inflation. At the same time, we provided informative reminder notifications and regular automated reports, with a focus on critical areas, so that management always had up-to-date information. The analysis identified several automation opportunities that could be introduced in future improvements. In addition to this, we designed an integrated and easy-to-use application for the accounting teams to receive real-time data on receivables, customers, payment terms and history, which would enable them to support decision making more effectively.
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