BPR, process audit, development of operational and
management processes, selection and implementation
of the ITSM support system, process measurement


BPR, process audit, development of operational and management processes, selection and implementation of the ITSM support system, process measurement

What problems require ITSM improvements?

  • A picture of a clueless, slow-moving, unpredictable IT organisation emerges
  • Despite spending on development, the quality and speed of delivery of IT services is not improving
  • Business and IT are not working in harmony
  • IT organisation does not support DevOps, Agile, enabler operating model
  • IT technology innovation is lagging behind due to lack of support
  • Regular condemnations occur and deficiencies are not fully corrected following audits initiated by external regulators
Sounds familiar?

When IT processes are not transparent, their measurability is not fully ensured, the connection of IT services and tools to business value creation is not visible, there is definitely need for developing measurable ITSM processes and to improve their efficiency. To this end, the main elements of our services are:
  • We map the relevant ITSM processes, identify gaps and bottlenecks that impair efficiency
  • If necessary, we help in formulating goals to achieve the vision defined by strategy, or in planning the related measures
  • If process efficieny needs improvement, it is important to set up a KPI structure and methodology of measurement to manage their business effects
Based on ITSM process efficiency examination, we formulate efficiency-enhancing measures and can supervise their introduction.

How can Vialto Consulting help?

10+ satisfied customers
Cutting-edge technology
Customer-side approach
As consultants, we start by getting to know the situation and for this we perform a data-based analysis of the processes either with the traditional interview technique or with an advanced tool, the advanced process mining, mapping and analysis tool from Celonis®. Relying on the extensive experience of our senior ITSM consultants, we can carry out the improvement tasks in accordance with ITIL or other professional best practices.
Compared to other consulting companies that understand ITSM processes, Vialto offers significant added value in several areas:
  • Our consultants’ ITSM expertise covers planning, implementation and auditing based on (ITIL, Cobit) methodologies – but the big difference is that we develop practical solutions and we also actively participate in the implementation of our proposals is
  • We are also capable of data based analysis of complex, complicated processes that map a wide variety of cases, which cannot be discovered solely with the interview technique. We are using the latest technology (Process Mining) to map and visualize all individual cases and their path-ways
  • Our approach is not based solely on IT and devices , but working on business projects, our consultants fully understand both Business and IT interests, so we grasp the tasks at a strategic level
  • Vialto has implemented many new, or upgraded existing ITSM systems and develops and improves processes in such systems. We know what can be implemented in an ITSM tool, so our practical suggestions can be mapped in a specific support system
  • Vialto conducts preparation of MNB and Hunguard audits, GDPR compliance, as well as help in preparation for audits initiated by various other compliance areas. We developed our own ITIL-based inspection – based on these, so we can carry out independent inspections
Expected results:
  • Independent, objective picture of the situation
  • Results that also meet the expectations of the Business areas
  • Proposals resulting in transparent operation
  • Full management of processes (clarified responsibilities and tasks)
  • Presentations supporting managerial decision-making
  • Practical suggestions based on the service provider’s approach


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Our ITSM portfolio elements

Establishing the measurement of IT organizational processes and improving their efficiency

  • We map ITSM processes and identify gaps
  • We help in setting up a KPI structure (scorecard) and measurement methodology that quantifiably manages process efficiency and their business effects
  • After examining the efficiency of the processes, we help define and implement efficiency-enhancing measures in order to achieve the defined KPI targets

Selection of the ITSM support system

  • Assessment of goals, identification of processes
  • Presentation and functional analysis of ITSM systems
  • Creation of a short list, financial and future proof analysis of systems, decision preparation
  • Application support (tendering, evaluation)

Implementation of ITSM support systems

  • Pre-implementation process assessment and optimization
  • Management of the introduction project/program
  • Development activities, (Agile and traditional), Test and data migration activities and Cutover management
  • Management of organizational and cultural transformation

ITSM BPR supported with Celonis (the leading process mining tool)

  • A data-based assessment and analysis of all actual process flows
  • Identifying pain points
  • Quantification of measurement results

Development and automation of IT resource planning and management processes (governance, delivery, support)

ITIL and COBIT-based process, organization and role-level inspection, including an audit maturity test, with solution proposals

Development and automation of IT resource planning and management processes

  • Assessment of operational processes (ITIL and COBIT-based process audit, planning, KPIs)
  • Examination of resource management maturity
  • Identification of automation opportunities

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