ESG - Corporate social responsibility
In our business operations and in our consultancy work, we always strive to adhere to the principles of sustainability, ethical practices and social responsibility in our actions and decisions. Some of our key activities in this regard are:

Voluntary work

Socially responsible volunteering is part of our corporate strategy.

Our CSR activities go beyond supporting socially beneficial causes. We believe that we can and should learn from everyone. We also strive to learn as much as possible from our CSR partners and to introduce the new things we learn in Vialto. For this reason, we consider CSR activities as a true partnership.

Our objectives for our CSR activities are:
  • to excel in the work we do
  • to focus our efforts where we can have the greatest impact and where our work is most beneficial
  • to collaborate with partners with whom we can establish long-term commitments

"Green office"

As part of our ESG policy, we strive to maintain a ‘green office’ to minimize our environmental impact. To achieve this, we are taking the following steps:

  • We collect waste selectively, separating paper and plastic waste into separate containers.
  • Green waste is composted and then properly disposed of and repurposed.
  • We use recycled paper for printing.
  • Reusable food boxes are provided for our staff in the office.
  • We serve tap water at our events.
  • We maintain a clean office using environmentally friendly cleaning products, such as citric acid and baking soda.
  • We operate our heating and cooling systems in a cost- and energy-efficient manner.

Occupational health care

Our company has a contract with Medicover Health Centre Zrt., which offers mandatory occupational health examinations to our employees through its occupational health package. This service complies with all the relevant legal and professional requirements.

Our CSR projects


The competition has been organised jointly by CaseSolvers and Vialto Consulting since 2014.

The competition invites the best performing students from different case study competitions throughout the year to compete and find out who is the best of the best.

The competition was hosted by:
2017 – MVM Csoport
2016 – Magyar Telekom
2015 – Budapesti Közlekedési Központ
2014 – Gránit Bank

Since 2014, we have been collecting donations and other contributions to support the “Rés” Social and Cultural Foundation to help families in need as much as possible.

In the frame of cooperation, started in 2016, we support the strategic planning of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid.

Since 2014, we have been teaching 24 hours, practice-oriented “Project Management” and “General Business Fundamentals” courses in the autumn semester at BME Management College.

In cooperation with the Hungarian Engineering Students’ Association, which started in 2017, we provide practice-oriented business training for the members of the association. The members of the association are students of different engineering universities (BME, Óbuda University, University of Pécs, Széchenyi István University, Szent István University).
Let’s work together to make your business a success!
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