ServiceNow OOB ITSM implementation at a Hungarian TV channel

IT service management
IT service

Project summary


Hungarian TV channel



Role of Vialto

ServiceNow implementation,
consulting, business analysis

Project description

During the project, we replaced the existing IT service management system with the state-of-the-art ServiceNow solution, which introduced new processes and performance measurement and reporting methods on its platform.

Project solution


You would think that in a broadcasting company, the focus would be on marketing, content delivery, and collaboration with production agencies. While this is true, supporting the IT backbone of such a highly complex operation is equally critical, serving as a potential barrier to progress due to the attention it demands.
This was the situation our client faced: a desire to enhance the quality of core services hampered by the existing technical limitations of IT support. The current IT service management system also required replacement. To address these challenges, a new performance measurement methodology, support for process improvement, the introduction of fresh processes, and, of course, IT service performance measurement and reporting were imperative. In the short term, achieving more transparency and speed was crucial, with a long-term goal to align with the LEAN methodology.


We assisted in replacing the old ticketing system with the state-of-the-art ServiceNow solution currently available on the market, utilizing its Out-of-the-Box (OOB) framework. The development of IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and the introduction of new processes were already completed on the ServiceNow platform, and we prepared the necessary specifications for these. Throughout the implementation process, we supported our client in a consulting and business analysis role. Adhering to ITIL guidelines in the realm of ITSM, we established a comprehensive solution center on the ServiceNow platform.


The new system, powered by approximately 30 support agents (SD Agents), is designed to cater to the IT needs of hundreds of users, providing self-service interfaces and 24/7 support. It aims to enhance transparency, increase awareness, improve the quality of service, and elevate the overall customer experience.
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