Lean startup methodology in developing new services for a leading Hungarian telecom

Aiming an increase in its competitive advantage our client’s objective was to create a modern and unique residential service package. Such product required significant new business capabilities. In addition to porting the existing television service on a new foundation, developing the internet service, planning and implementing the entire service portfolio, plus the necessary organizational and technological background also needed to be created.
Our added value?

By applying a Lean startup iterative approach Vialto realised significant savings in development costs. This was due to its advantage of testing the new service model in the market, as early as possible and continuously improving it based on measured customer experience. We proposed a commercially available out-of-the-box solution to provide IT support for the earliest service prototype, which was significantly less expensive than the costly alternative of further developing the enterprise BSS system.

During the project implementation, we provided comprehensive consulting support, professional input and support for service and program definition and program management.

Service definition:
  • Definition of the new service business model
  • Minimum Viable Product modelling, Go-to-Market planning
  • Definition of the planned customer experience along the customer lifecycle
  • Identify and map the processes to be developed, create a process inventory
  • Definition of business goals, expectations, requirements related to the processes
  • Feasibility analysis and roadmap for service development
  • Organisational coordination of planned improvements, collection of needs / suggestions
  • Top-level process design
  • Consulting support for the selection of the supporting IT system
  • Definition, coordination and technical support of projects, streams related to the service development programme
  • Detailed process planning based on IT system capabilities and business needs, taking into account legal and data protection aspects
  • Documentation of processes
  • Planning of resources required for new processes
  • Change management support
  • Management decision support
  • Test planning and coordination
The result:

The new residential service package was up and ready for launch within a few months. After the company group level change of the television platform it successfully entered the market, and with continuous technological upgrades to Internet access, it mow offers domestic households a high quality, unique customer experience, that resulted in significant competitive advantage for the provider
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