Celonis® process analytics key to maximizing your business performance


Experience shows that process inefficiencies, mostly hidden inside your company can grow faster than your enterprise transformation investments, covertly killing your performance.

Every company has a given execution capacity — the level of performance it can achieve with available time and resources, but too often it is limited by rigid and fragmented IT systems. This creates artificial limits on capacity, leading to what we call execution gaps. The resulting execution constraints take the form of all-too-common errors, inefficiencies and delays.

Things like late payments (affecting your working capital), unnecessary credit blocks (leading to late deliveries), backordered inventory (delaying production), or bad master data (impacting your sales forecasting) are everywhere, but are mostly hidden.

In this webinar we showed how we can help you remove these gaps and lift the limits on your execution capacity, by x-raying your processes to reveal inefficiencies and unlock your performance.

Experience firsthand how Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) – a new class of AI based technology brings together the analytical and the operational into one intelligent layer, in order to:

  • measure execution capacity in real time identifying execution gaps,
  • identify and suggest the best course of action to close those gaps and
  • take automatic, intelligent action to immediately remove them, ensuring execution capacity breakthroughs.

You can also learn Vialto’s experience in helping businesses increase their execution capacity in all primary business areas of their enterprise: Customers, Finance & Administration, Supply & Distribution, HR and Products & Services. 

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