Introduction of Celonis in MOL Group

How MOL IT & Digital Global Business Services is delivering superior experience in Service Management processes throughout MOL Group

“Our internal process analysts and data engineers have mastered the ins and outs of Celonis in a very short time, which enables us to quickly roll out the solution to all divisions and solver groups within GBS IT.”
András István Katkó – Head of Group Corporate IT
  • MOL Group is an oil and gas company with over 25,000 employees and $19,6B revenue.
  • MOL IT & Digital GBS is MOL Group’s internal shared services centre, providing services (including IT) to the whole group.
Process ITSM Customer Service (Service Desk)
Closed aged ticket ratio reduction
Response SLA breach
Resolution SLA breach
Impact and outcomes
  • IT management initiated an IT Service Management improvement program aiming at enhancing processes (Incident Management, Request Management, Change Management, Problem Management & Service Desk operations) and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Celonis was identified as the cornerstone of obtaining single source of truth about strategic KPIs (like SLA adherence, ticket aging, first contact resolution, customer satisfaction, etc.) and the tool for X-raying the processes to find execution gaps and their root causes.
  • Celonis was also employed to support the daily work of middle management and reporting.
  • Continuous data connection to the HP SM9 ticketing system enables GBS IT management to continuously monitor key processes and intervene when necessary.
  • The extensive use of Celonis covers monitoring 20+ KPIs & 80+ different custom analyses.
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