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Development of international competitiveness

Value Proposition

In close cooperation with our clients we answer to the following questions and challenges:



What are the criterias of target country selection?

Who are the target clients?

What are the strengths, areas for improvement, opportunities and risks of going to foreign markets?  

According to which aspects the business model of foreign expansion shall be developed?

What information is necessary on the target markets?

How can we select the appropriate partners?

How the expenses of finding the appropriate local partners can be minimized? How the learning curve can be shortened?

What is the cost of the market entry per country?

What to do in order to achieve successful international market entry?




What are the competitive advantages?

What are the real market needs?

What represents real value for the customers? What are they looking for in a product or in a service?

Who are the real competitors?



What are the values and competencies the successful foreign market penetration can be built on?

What extent of international competitive potential does the product or service have?

Is the organization ready for the appropraite support of the foreign market entry?

What are the possible risks? How can we handle them?

What sources are available to cover the costs?

How can we apply for and gain theese with good chance?

Services and methods

Foreign market penetration and innovation strategy formulation

Market research along specific selection criterias, partner search, market entry support

Covered areas: South-East Europe and Turkey, Western Europe and CIS countries in cooperation with our professional partners

Prepare the company and organization (processes, support systems) for the international operation

Complete support on national and international donor tenders:

Tender monitoring

Technical and business preparation of applications

International cosortium management

Compilation and quality assurance of tenders

Tender project management

H2020 tender support in building international network and elaborating professional concept 

Vialto unique added value – results and experiences

10 years of experience in preparation and execution of large, international complex development projects (average project size: 1,5 mEUR)

Customized and working solutions with knowledge of the business culture and challenges of the target countries

Profound knowledge of the donor tenders and implementation procedures

Professional implementation, 100% client satisfaction

Extended EU partner network:

Government institutions, civil organizations, research organizations and think-thanks, international partner companies, IT-companies, lobbyists and other business actors

Individual expert database

Prestigious international and national awards:

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes – Constantinus International Award 2nd price (Taipei, 2011)

Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Excellent Consultant of the Year (2012)

Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation – International Award for Excellence in Consulting (Bishkek, 2013)

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes – Constantinus International Award 1st and 2nd price (Johannesburg, 2013)