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Constantinus 2013 Silver Medal!

Constantinus International Award 2013

Silver Medal to the Consortium Led by Vialto Consulting

Promoting Macedonia's Accession by Strengthening Security Capabilities


Projekt data sheet

Project title: “ Technical Assistance for the Implementation of TETRA Phase-2”, Republic of Macedonia. Project funded by the European Union IPA / Police Reform

Project duration: July 2010 – February 2013

Hungarians support the Macedonian EU accession - High value added ICT knowledge export

The European Union provided support for technical assistance and supply of digital radio communication system (TETRA) for the Macedonian Ministry of Interior (MoI). This system, similar to the communication systems already in use in EU countries, offers secure and reliable communication among police services.

Overall objective was to provide support to MoI in the extension of the existing system and improvement of the nation-wide coverage.

The Consultant implementing the Project was Vialto Consulting, proud to be the leader of the successful Project. The consortium led by Vialto Consulting involved Hungarian, Austrian and Norwegian partner companies. The project team was formed by Hungarian, Macedonian and international experts.

The success significantly increased the ICT industry reputation of participating countries and their value-added knowledge export.

Determined fieldwork on rocky mountaintops and legal labyrinths

We consider the award as a recognition of significant added value of high quality consulting services performed in close cooperation with the beneficiaries - it distinguishes consulting innovations resulting in tangible improvements in the performance of client companies.

The Project:

·         Designed the structure of the network

·         Provided support to the equipment procurement assuring the needed quality

·         Surveyed more than 50 potential sites, prepared full authorization documentation for selected sites in a very complex and uncertain legal environment

·         Monitored the implementation, secured the functionality of the system after the commissioning

As a result, MoI has acquired a modern, up to date digital system for radio communication. The TETRA system offers possibilities for further extension and for including additional emergency services in the same system.

EU conform police communication system enabling integration of additional law enforcement institutions and mission critical communication units

By the end of the project, the following results have been achieved:

·         End of project evaluation: The PMR coverage has been increased  near to 80% (VMR – for vehicle mounted radios) near to 60 % (HPR – for handheld radios), achieving nearly 95% population coverage,  while full integration of TETRA-1 and TETRA-2 networks have been assured. The Project provided full oversight and support for design, procurement and turnkey implementation

·         High return on EU investment by thorough analysis and modeling cost-benefit, reliability, availability aspects and objective evaluation of development scenarios

·         Higher efficiency of police organisations (public, traffic, border, special police units) strengthens the position of Macedonia in detection and fight against illegal activities. This has positive effect on the market position and judgment of the country.

Another added value is that the telecommunications infrastructure and operations / maintenance system of the service provider has been aligned with high reliability and IT security expectations in a cost effective manner.