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Constantinus 201 Gold Medal!




Constantinus International Award 2013

Gold Medal to the Consortium Led by Vialto Consulting

World-class Method in Agricultural Statistics and Outstanding Client Satisfaction


Projekt data sheet

Project title: “Technical Assistance and Data Collection for Strengthening the Statistical Capacity of MFAL” (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock). The project was co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.

Project duration: January 2011 – September 2012

Previous Prizes: First place of the Gabriel Al-Salem International Consulting Excellence Award in the category of Consultancy Project of the Year 2012  (

Turkish – Hungarian Friendship: Hungarians support the EU accession of Turkey

The overall objective of the project was to contribute to the harmonization with the acquis on statistics, particularly by improving the capacity at selected data providers other than TurkStat.

Teamwork in the Olive Groves

We consider the award as a recognition of significant added value of high quality consulting services performed in close cooperation with the beneficiaries - it distinguishes consulting innovations resulting in tangible improvements in the performance of client companies.

One of the key project tasks, the development of the method for counting olive trees, the international team of experts outperformed the client's expectations.

The consortium led by Vialto Consulting involved Hungarian, Italian and Turkish partner companies. The project team was formed by Hungarian, Austrian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Turkish experts.

The cooperation with the beneficiary institutions of was outstanding during the project, thanks to the Turkish-Hungarian cultural conformity, which greatly contributed to the success.

Statistical Method Exceeding EU Requirements

By the end of the project, the following results have been achieved:

·         The accuracy of the olive tree counting method developed by the international expert team was 98.5% - above EuroStat requirements. The method not only achieves high accuracy, it is also highly efficient. It is apt to be used on a large scale. With some modification, it can be used for other crops as well.

·         The previously established coordination mechanisms between MFAL and TurkStat are operational and efficient, assuring the implementation of the integration / consolidation action plans.

·         MFAL staff is empowered to conduct surveys and generate agricultural data in line with EU standards and requirements.

·         Statistical methodologies and techniques are tested and fully mastered by MFAL staff and other relevant agricultural stakeholders in Konya and Adana provinces.

·         Infrastructure has been maintained for establishment of Farm Registry TİKAS; a strategy for its completion has been suggested and a viable updating procedure has been outlined.