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Consultancy services in support of EU programmes on energy efficiency

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The European Investment Bank (EIB) plans to enter into a consultancy framework agreement with a single service provider for the support of financial intermediaries (FIs) and final beneficiaries (FBs) during the implementation and operation of EU programmes on energy efficiency (EE). The programmes combine grants provided by the EC with EIB credit lines. They aim at promoting the implementation of EE projects in the EU and EU candidate countries. The European Commission (EC) and the EIB are now in the process of establishing a new programme called 'Green initiative' (GI), under a wider initiative called 'SME finance facility'. The country coverage for the GI will initially include, but is not limited to, the following EU countries: Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.
The EIB will set up so-called projects under each programme. A project means a separate agreement with a local bank, which plays the role of an FI, through which the funds from EC and EIB are channelled to the FB. The non-refundable financing provided by the EC is used as administration fee for the FI, investment incentives for the FB, and technical assistance provided to both FI and FB by a service provider. The individual schemes to be financed under each project are called sub-projects.
The role of the service provider will be to assist the EIB and support the FIs and FBs in the implementation and operation of the GI, as well as other similar programmes to be managed by the EIB during the period 2012-2016, in eligible countries. 
The service provider may be asked to deliver the following types of tasks (non-exhaustive list):

  • marketing activities in support of the GI,
  • training to FIs, in particular aiming at improving appraisal skills of teams evaluating EE sub-projects,
  • sub-project pipeline screening - ongoing assistance to FIs leading to identification of sub-projects eligible under GI,
  • sub-project applications - a comprehensive document verifying the eligibility of a sub-project to be financed under GI,
  • sub-project verifications - a comprehensive document confirming 'ex post' the eligibility of a sub-project to be financed under GI,
  • energy audits,
  • building energy performance certificates.
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