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Events, conference representations

Vialto was the host of the I.Case Solver of the year Competition

The top 12 case solvers according to the HBCS’s ranking came from Hungarian universities and from universities beyond the border as well. Their challenge was to advise the management of the Gránit Bank. Following the first round, where they have prepared an individual proposal, in the final turn at the Vialto office they worked on their solutions in teams. During their work they also had the opportunity to interview the bank’s CEO and it’s strategic director. The final solutions were presented to the jury, which members came from the management of the bank and also of the Vialto.The case solvers faced to an exiting challenge from the Gránit Bank case. The institution is in Hungarian ownership and operates without branch network. It follows an innovative online strategy and uses unique solutions in the bank sector. Tamás Rolek from the Corvinus University of Budapest became the case solver of the year, Zselyke Demeter from the Babes Bolyai University was awarded as the best presenter, while Marcell Bozsik (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) and Ágnes Kemény (University of Pécs) were the other members of the winner team. The award ceremony was followed by informal chat and champagne on the roof terrace.After the successfull launch of the event, The Case Solver of the Year Competition will be held in the next year as well!  

Vialto Case Interview Day

  We hosted a successful Case Interview Training organised by HBCS at the end of 2013. Vialto consultants provided the professional support with active participation of experienced consultants. For details and personal experiences read more>>  



HTE MediaNet 2013, October 3-4, 2013, Velence Resort & Spa, Velence, Hungary

MediaNet aims at providing insight into the changes of media technology and infocommunications market. It offers forum  to publish novel technical solutions, innovative network-, service- and application development ideas, a forum to exchange of experiences, to foster cooperation and to establish personal and direct contact among participants.

Mobile roundtable is moderated by Gábor Frischmann Vialto Consulting, among participants: Döbrőssy Gábor, Marchhart Pál Vodafone, Klausz Ferenc Telenor, Kövesi Gabriella, Tremmel János Magyar Telekom.

Further details on the conference website:


„Partnering Conference – Customer Experience in Focus!”
30-31 May 2013, Granada Hotel, Kecskemét, Hungary

As sponsors and professional partners of Partnering CEE, Vialto took an active role in organisation and conduction of the event. 
Csaba Lengyel, managing director of Vialto Consulting moderated the panel discussion entitled „Personality and customer experience”, discoursing on practical experiences of leaders responsible for customer relations. Leaders of our leading international partners in customer - focused operational development consultancy (Metrinomics GmbH
, PRISM Consulting) were also among conference speakers.

Please see further details by clicking


 „CRM&CEM – From Customer Management to Customer Experience” conference

Supporting IDC as professional partners in organising the conference titled CRM&CEM – From Cutomer Management to Customer Experience held on 20 february 2013, we played active role in composing the program and invitation of speakers and roundtable participants.

Keynote speaker Véronique Kaploun, managing director of Metrinomics, our leading international partner in customer-focused operational development consultancy, provided an insight into the international trends, main challenges, professional and technology news on CEM

The panel discussion on customer experience management, moderated by Csaba Lengyel, managing director of Vialto Consulting, presented practical experiences and views of CEM leaders from our Hungarian partners.
Please see further details by clicking  


INFOTÉR - Informatics for Society conference

Vialto Consulting's general manager, Áron Nemes is going to have a lecture at Infotér Conference in the topic of: ERP deliverer selection and migration at Macedonia's energy company. Conference will be hold at Balatonfüred in Anna Grand Hotel 8-9/11/2012. You can reach the program here 


Joint Venture - Outsourcing Conference

Vialto Consulting's owner, Imre Hercegh had a lecture at Joint Venture's Outsourcing conference 11/10/2012. You can reach detailed program here (Hungarian).


18th HTE Biennial Conference and Exhibition on Infocommunication Networks and Applications

Vialto Consulting's owner, Frischmann Gábor moderated Mobile network suppliers round-table discussion at Mátraháza 10-12/10/2012. You can reach English site and detailed program here (Hungarian). 

Success During Crisis

ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) held its regular annual assembly in Budapest in May 2012. Related to this event, a successful conference titled „Success During Crisis" was organised by its Hungarian partner organisations, VTMSz (Association of Management Consultants in Hungary) and IVSZ (ICT Association of Hungary) on 9 May. The aim of the conference was to demontrate the value creating competencies of management consultancy through international trends, experiences and good practices. Several roundtable talks and professional sections gave space to the acknowledged national and international experts and competent leaders from client side to discuss their observations and ideas.

The section titled „IT and Management Consulting" was hosted by the Consulting workgroup of IVSZ, chaired by our managing director, Mr. Csaba Lengyel. One of the adjured speakers of the parallel section titled „International Experiences and Opportunities for Hungarian Consultants" was Mr. Imre Hercegh, managing director of Vialto Consulting. Declared aims of the new management of VTMSz elected right after the conference are - in line with the approach of the conference - to put more emphasis on the quality management of consultancy as well as on the protection of interests of the consulting profession.


Vialto in the Trains Newsletter WORLD

An article concerning the latest news and background information on the Skopje Tram project was published by Mr. David Spencer in the Trains Newsletter WORLD (Nr. 65 of May 7th 2012). The content of the article is based on the interview with Mr. Goran Nikolovski and our colleague, Mr. Kristijan Gjorgjievski as well as on the official progress and proposals delivered by Vialto so far. Read more>>


"Excellent Consultant of the Year" Award

We proudly announce that Vialto Consulting was awarded the title "Excellent Consultant of the Year 2011" by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) in March 2012.

The title of our winning project, directed by Mr. Áron Nemes was "ERP System Integrator Selection and System Implementation Project". The project was delivered to our Macedonian Client, AD ELEM in close co-operation with Daten-Kontor (Hungary). The competitive edge of our proposal was the special system integrator selection methodology, the DRAPP [Detailed Requirement Analysis and Parallel Planning]. The methodology has been developed by the consultants of Vialto and was tailored directly to fit the needs of our Client. Read more >>


Lean Forum 2012 - Competitiveness Conference

As it is already traditional, many Hungarian Lean professionals participated the fifth national Lean Forum - Competition Conference taking place on 12-13 April 2012. The programme, organised by Kvalikon, did not only contain exciting lectures of Lean business experts, but also interesting presentations of successful managers of several leading companies, as well as professional forums about improving competitiveness and effectiveness using Lean philosophy and methodology.

Vialto was also represented at the conference: Mr. Márton Pongrácz, together with Mr. Ferenc Tamás Schmél, project manager at CIB Bank cPlc., presented a case study of the rationalisation of the bank's branch office network processes using Lean in the Lean Office section. Read more >>



BBJ Ranking: 6th place!

Vialto has been ranked at the fine 12th place in the list of management consulting firms of the "HR Plusz 2012" specialised professional issue of HVG, according to net revenues.

 E-Banking Summit 2012


Business models, along with the added value of consulting services supporting the implementation of mobile payment technologies were the main topics of the presentation of our colleague, Mr. Imre Hercegh performed at the E-Banking Summit 2012 conference held on 6 March at Budapest.

The preliminary aim of the speech was to trigger the thinking of the audience by uncovering the real needs of the (potential) clients of mobile payment technologies. Moreover, identifying the reasons, impacts, points of profit and influencing factors of implementing these state-of-art solutions at various fields starting from the banking, through telecommunications to the commercial sectors was the real focus of the performance.


Communication methodologies in practice

Our colleague, Mr. László Nedeczky chose an interactive way of presenting the methodological key points of project communication to the students of the Corvinus University of Budapest. He introduced the theories through realistic, practical examples, based on typical project experiences taken from real life.

The aim of the lecture held in March 2012 was to give the audience memorable, long lasting impressions and experiences about the related aspect of general project management methodologies, by involving them in various lifelike situations and exercises under the subject of Management of organisational and informatics projects.



CMC Certification Process, 2012

We are proud to announce that our senior colleague, Mr. Kálmán Lengyel has successfully passed the 2012 CMC (Certified Management Consultant) certification process organised by the Association of Management Consultants in Hungary (VTMSZ). The topic of his final presentation was "Statistical Methodologies in Long-term Task Sizing".

Congratulations to him!


 AIESEC: successful partnership since 2008


One of the main goals of Vialto Consulting is to support the most talented members of the prosperous next generation with our professional knowledge. For this sake, being a partner of AIESEC Hungary since 2008, we support the activities of the organization in the most various ways.
We participated in skill development and other educational events related to several fields, e.g. CRM, Sales, Communication and Change Management, and were also involved in the advisory team supporting the projects focusing on Information Technology. Still, we are proud to say that supporting the creation process of their 2015 vision, strategy and guiding principles emerges from the list of co-operations of the last few years.

Get to know more about our professional collaboration with AIESEC Hungary by clicking here.


Corruption Risks of Authority Control

The goal of the conference that took place on 24 November, initiated by Transparency International Hungary was to promote new approaches and bring paradigm change in the authority control processes for the sake of reducing corruption risks by the revision of procedural rules and implementation of appropriate control mechanisms and sanctions. Our colleague, Mr. Gábor Frischmann took an active role in the discussion among acknowledged risk management experts, company owners, government representatives and heads of different Hungarian authorities, including the National Labour Inspectorate,  Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest, Organised Crime and Corruption Cases Unit, National Bureau of Investigation and the National Tax and Customs Administration Central Office.

Please click here for detailed programme of the event supported by Vialto Consulting. (Available in English and Hungarian)


Civil Aspects of Public Administration

Our managing director, Mr. Csaba Lengyel presented our international award winning operational excellence project (delivered at the Hungarian Education Authority) at the 2nd INFOTÉR (Informatics for Society) Conference on 23 November.

Furher details of the event are available at its official website. (only in Hungarian)


About CMC Certification

As host of the 3rd plain meeting of the 5th National Consulting Conference rganised by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on 17.11.2011, our managing director, Mr. Imre Hercegh (lead consultant, CMC, Executive Board member of Association of Management Consultants in Hungary [VTMSZ]) lead a discussion about the CMC certification. His presentation can be downloaded by clicking here (available only in Hungarian).

Detailed programme of the conference can be found here. (Hungarian only)


Web-based Tools in Project Management

The subject of the 16th Conference call organised by the Hungarian Project Management Institute on 9 November 2011 was "Project Management in the Light of Social Media and Web 2.0". Our colleague, Mr. Laszlo Nedeczky was an online co-presenter of the section "On-line Tools of Project Management", being responsible among several other tasks also for the practical introduction of the ZoHo toolset.

Please click here for further information about the conference and its programme (Hungarian only). 


"Make Smart Choice, Use Public Transport"

This is the motto of the campaign announced by Koce Trajanovski, the mayor of the City of Skopje that aims at raising awareness for the use of public transport at the Regional Public Transport Seminar held at Skopje on 13.10.2011.
Together with other experts of the area our colleague, Mr. Kristijan Gjorgjievski was invited at the event to give a general overview on the Skopje Tram project as one of the key developments leading to the cheaper, more efficient and environmental friendly public transport network in Skopje.

Should You be interested, please click here to read the presentation, to find out more about the topic and about the related Macedonian press releases.

Constantinus Global Management Consulting Award: International Acknowledgement to Vialto Consulting

On September 6, 2011 Vialto Consulting was awarded the Silver Medal of the Constantinus Global Management Consulting Award by the IMCMI (International Council of Management Consultant Institutes) for the programme "Sustainable transformation in public administration" delivered at Education Authority (Hungary) between 2008 and 2009.

Main achievements of our programme selected from the most successful Hungarian projects and nominated for the international competition and award by the VTMSZ (Association of Management Consultants in Hungary) are that in close co-operation with the colleagues of the Education Authority we not only reduced the administrative expenses of the processes, but at the same time we managed also to cut the duration of the office routines significantly.

Previous programmes, conference appearances

Regional Public Transport Seminar
(Boris Trajkovski Arena, Skopje, 13 October 2011)

Together with other experts of the area our colleague, Mr. Kristijan Gjorgjievski was invited at the event to give a general overview on the Skopje Tram project as one of the key developments leading to the cheaper, more efficient and environmental friendly public transport network in Skopje.

Please click here to read the presentation, to find out more about the topic and about the related Macedonian press releases.


CRM Summit 2010
(Gunder Restaurant, Budapest, 26 May 2010)

The aim of this year's CRM Summit conference was to let professionals understand the way of thinking, approaches, perceptions and demands their clients. This knowledge is of key importance in a world where demands may change as flexibly as strict and persistent they may seem at other moments. Besides other renowned professionals You could also listen to the presentation of our CRM expert colleague,  Ms. Éva Számely.

The English summary of the event can be read here.


Process Management Professional Seminar 2010
(Budapest, 18-19 May 2010)

Process development and process management were the topics, approached from an innovative angle, presenting  the related Hungarian best practices through life-like, realistic cases at the Process Management Professional Seminar organised by Vialto Consulting in co-operation with IIR Hungary.

Further information about the seminar available only in Hungarian here.

 18th CEO Summit
(Röjtökmuzsaj, 30 September - 2 October 2009)

Vialto as Silver Sponsor of the 18th CEO Summit participated at the conference, which focused on "What could be learnt from the crisis, what consequences have been drawn and what actions are being taken in anticipation of the next boom?"
More information about the conference
here. (Hungarian only) 2009 Interactive - digital - broadband communication
(Budapest, 6-7 October 2009)

Vialto appeared as a Cooperating Partner and even as presenter of the event . The motto of the first day was "Technologies vs. business. Stiff ground: don't stop, go ahead; closed ground: develop a strategy!". The title of the second day was "Rules shape our lives. Telecommunication market cannot be exception to this either"
here for detailed information about the event. (Hungarian only)


CRM 2009 / Call Center Conference
(Budapest, 19 November 2009)

The subtitle of this year's CRM conference was "Customer relationship management during consolidation". Vialto participated at the event as Silver Sponsor. Our widely acknowledged CRM expert colleague, Ms. Éva Számely gave a presentation on the return of CRM projects and the CRM-related Business Case.
Find out more about this conference
here. (Hungarian only)