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Why is it good to join us?

Being a dinamically developing company, Vialto Consulting is aiming at enhancing its efficiency, competences and competitivity. We are always open for talent and enterprising colleagues to join us in order to reach our goals.

Why is it good to join us?

... firstly, both the team and the company is young, thus

  • You can participate in the continuous development of a young company;
  • You will not start your career by being only a small cog in a large machine, but Your professional development is to besupported personalised, focused attention.

... secondly, Vialto Consulting was founded by professionals with a significant (5-15 years, partly international) experience, thus

  • You can learn a lot;
  • there are some interesting projects;
  • we have a good chance to become one of the most significant players in the Hungarian consulting industry in a couple of years.

... thirdly, we consider Vialto Consulting and would like to improve it as a value-based company. We would like to build a company which is held together by the pleasure of meaningful work and the trust to each other. In such a company

  • there is a pleasant atmosphere;
  • we trust each other;
  • we are improving ourselves and each other continuously.